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Self Guided - User Testing

Gain invaluable real world insight from players in their natural environment.

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Supported on these platforms





Meta Quest models only

Launch Your Test

Desktop or Android
Upload a build securely, provide steam keys or a simple web url.

Choose Your Recruit
Use your own participants or let us find your ideal target market by selecting recuritment criteria.

Learn more about recruitment

Tasks & Surveys
Setup tasks and surveys for your participants to complete throughout their test sessions.

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The Participant Journey

We know how challenging running user tests can be, so we're hyper focused on a great participant experience.

Invite your participants using a single link or email to take part in tests. We will guide them through what it means to provide great feedback, confidentiality, installation and starting their test.
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Designed for all demographics, our test recording applications ensure a frictionless and intuitive user experience. All sessions are recorded in real time to the cloud, no waiting for long uploads or managing files.
PC Recorder
Audio feedback and screen recording ensures every moment that matters is captured. Whilst, tasks and surveys are presented with ease, all within the recording application.
Android Recorder

Instant Key Trends

Our automated intelligence analyses every second of participant feedback to identify the moments that matter in minutes.

Spend your time collaborating with your team and discussing actions and less time trawling through recordings for days or weeks.

Go Testify AI Trends

Team Collaboration

As a previous game studio, we know the challenge of getting invaluable user insight into the production sprints. Our mission is to enable your team to focus on actions at pace, align on a common goal and put the player firmly at the heart of all decisions.

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