In our most recent test with Go Testify, we asked them to run a usability pass on our upcoming title with a small batch audience. Setting this up was easy, and we felt that the team listened well to our expectations and needs and contributed their own valuable ideas. The test ran smoothly, and we were kept up to date throughout, with snapshots of the progress, as well as immediate feedback on anything that they felt could be problematic.

When GoTestify returned to us with the final report, it was incredibly detailed and thought out, with clear gaming and audience segmentation applied to the results. Thanks to their platform, our team was also able to review all of the user play sessions in detail as well. The platform calls out major events (players getting stuck etc.), which is extremely useful when reviewing hours of footage.

As a result of the test and the team's feedback, we've been able to move our game forward significantly in terms of user experience. In our discussions following the test, we've reworked the first-time user experience significantly after seeing a few areas where players were struggling, these were easily identified through that final report. The test also identified a few areas where players were having a hard time with text and explanations of new concepts; we have since been able to overhaul these, and our final product is a much more refined and accessible game.

The test also identified lots of areas of positive player feedback. This has been particularly useful for us as it's given us a few focus areas to lean into, and we're now even more certain that our finished title will be one that everyone is excited to play.

As a small studio, using Go Testify throughout this process has allowed us to better focus our limited resources on the most valuable opportunities. We would definitely use them again going forward.