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Compile critical findings for your team to explore in minutes, not days

Make impactful decisions at pace with Testify AI

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Trusted by global game studios & publishers

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Distribute your game to global audiences

Gain comprehensive insight from people in their natural surroundings anytime, anywhere.

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Capture the truth

Validate your game worldwide, observe how people behave in their environment, & hear the truth from your market across PC, VR & Android platforms.


Watch how people see your game


Evaluate how people behave

Honest Feedback

Hear their raw emotions in real-time

Take action at pace

Discover meaningful insight without having to sift through every second of footage.

Watched something interesting in a player session? Our smart search can find related clips to watch in seconds versus hours.
Sentiment, transcription and automated notes provide you the context that matters across every second of a players session.
Our intelligence will cross reference everything, isolate critical player trends, summarise their experience and create related clips.
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Alter success for everyone

Photo Simon Hade
"Go Testify has been an invaluable platform in our game development journey, offering us deep insights into our future fans on titles like Chrome Valley Customs and BeatStar."
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Simon Hade
Photo Jonathan Burroughs
"Variable State has been working with the amazing folks at Go Testify Ltd for a number of years now. At this point we consider them an extension of our own team. Our creative decision-making is nothing without the validation of real players."
Variable State Logo
Jonathan Burroughs
Co-Founder & CEO
"Viewfinders journey is a testament to the power of testing habits in game development. Even if you find yourself late in the process, there is always time to gather valuable insights and refine your game. By connecting with players through game testing during development, you can ensure that your hard work and creativity reach their full potential."
Georg Backer
Executive Producer