We were recently invited to give a guest talk at Game Changer (by Games London) in which we discussed the role that market validation can play in helping elevate games.

Game Changer helps London-based business founders make significant strides in developing their business acumen as they take a product to market.

The new programme, Game Changer, is funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, part of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda.

We had a great time and felt we should share some key tips here, that can apply to any developer, no matter the size or experience.

Top Three Market Validation tips

Inspiration Points

We've highlighted some great approaches to Market Validation below, from a range of Studios, that hold some key learnings.

Are you an Indie Studio?

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Thanks to the Game Changer team at Games London for the opportunity, and we look forward to seeing what the Cohort has in store!