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For PC Developers


Win one of 3 prizes on offer by playtesting your game with the market via Go Testify!

Go Testify GDWC Summer24 Competition Hero

Why take part?

Apart from winning one of three individual prizes (worth up to $15,000). 

You will also:

Elevate your exposure

Educate & align decisions

Gain market perspective

Have feedback for pitches

Prize Categories

Market feedback is always important; however, not all games will be at the same production stage, so we're giving away three individual prizes. 

Highest Rated

The public will score your game on quality, enjoyment, innovation & uniqueness.

Most Improved

For teams that run multiple tests during the competition window & showcase positive progress.

Future Potential

GDWC judges will evaluate feedback & predict the next break out title.

What each winner will receive

6 months FREE basic testing with your internal team(s) & community

Winners gain all the basic benefits of our remote AAA quality playtesting platform for free when used with their internal teams, own community, peers, friends and family. 

- Streamline your distribution and logistics
Watch how people ‘see’ your game live
- Hear unbiased feedback from people in their own home
- Collaborate & share feedback across your team

Go Testify Livestreaming Motivate

A 2hr long-form playtest with 15 targeted players (Worth $5,850)

When needed, our team will assist you in conducting a tailored progression test with all our advanced features. Allowing the market to individually play your game for 2 hours (up until the Steam Refund point), evaluate its usability, game mechanics, and unique features to help you identify if people will be motivated to come back for more or will write negative reviews. 

A FREE UX Game Evaluation (worth over $5,000)

Our Games User Research team, who have been trusted to provide actionable insight for 2K, Jagex, Supercell, Skybound, Zynga and more, will dive deep into your game's mechanics and provide an In-depth UX health status review from the market's perspective.

Go Testify UX Report

Expert Strategic Guidance for 12 months

Creating a game takes huge commitment, time and teamwork. Our strategic team will provide expert guidance on how to plan your game tests and how to best validate your assumptions with your players, keeping everyone on track for success. Let’s make your gaming dreams real!

Img Publisher access

How to enter the competition

All studios/teams/solo developers will need to test a game in development & meet the following criteria:

  1. You've created a FREE GDWC profile & chosen the Players' Choice category.
  2. You've signed up for a FREE account on Go Testify
  3. You conduct at least one 10-person playtest (for 30 minutes or more) using the Go Testify Recruitment network between March 11th and 31st May 2024.
  4. You update your GDWC account with your chosen Go Testify test share report link before the closure date.

To maximise your budget, use our competition 10% discount Promo Code*

Available between March 11th and 31st May 2024

*This promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other Go Testify promotions.