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Platform Overview

How Go Testify helps gain invaluable real world insight from players in their natural environment.

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Meta Quest models only

Set Up for success

Our test set up steps on the Go Testify platform are designed to both guide 'new to testing' teams and accelerate experienced teams when preparing for a successful test launch.

Your stage of development, timeline, budget, resources and skills, all play a critical part in what, when and how you can test your game. Our test setup is simple to use and highly flexible, to cater for everyone.
Go Testify Platform Test Creation
Preparing a test can be daunting. Our test set up guides, pre-built templates (e.g. survey) and live support team are there to give you confidence and clarity throughout.
Go Testify Platform Resources
Using our handy cost calculator built into the test setup, you can setup draft tests and view detailed breakdown of pricing and options to share with key stakeholders.
Go Testify Platform Calculator

Streamlined Logisitics

The Go Testify platform provides easy distribution, onboarding of participants to give honest feedback & enables testing at scale.

For PC tests, we automatically distribute steam keys to participants as they take part, saving hours of emails and player management. For Android tests, upload your development build and we'll distribute seamlessly to participants during onboarding onto device. Closing the test also actives a kill switch, preventing further play.
Go Testify Platform Distribution
Our test onboarding steps ensures testers are technically prepared, communicates clearly any special instructions and greatly improves the quality of feedback.
Go Testify Platform Journey
Setup tasks and surveys for your participants to complete throughout their test sessions, without ever leaving their screen recorder. You decide how many tasks and surveys show and on what sessions e.g. a day 3 survey on a diary test or a final benchmark survey on game completion.
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Improved Participation

We know how challenging running user tests can be, so we're hyper focused on a great participant experience.

Invite your participants using a single link or email to take part in tests. We will guide them through what it means to provide great feedback, confidentiality, installation and starting their test.
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Designed for all demographics, our test recording applications ensure a frictionless and intuitive user experience. All sessions are recorded in real time to the cloud, no waiting for long uploads or managing files.
PC Recorder
Audio feedback and screen recording ensures every moment that matters is captured. Whilst, tasks and surveys are presented with ease, all within the recording application.
Android Recorder

Take action at pace

Discover meaningful insight without having to sift through every second of footage.

Watched something interesting in a player session? Our smart search can find related clips to watch in seconds versus hours.
Sentiment, transcription and automated notes provide you the context that matters across every second of a players session.
Our intelligence will cross reference everything, isolate critical player trends, summarise their experience and create related clips.
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Team Collaboration

As a previous game studio, we know the challenge of getting invaluable user insight into the production sprints. Our mission is to enable your team to focus on actions at pace, align on a common goal and put the player firmly at the heart of all decisions.

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