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Save time & invest in the moments that matter

Our technology ensures every second of feedback you consume is valuable

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At the heart of the intelligence is your audience, and our AI has been trained across

Thousands of People



Hours of feedback


Gaming Genres

Provides teams high level insight

Quickly glance at the performance of your title & determine the pulse of the market over time.

High level insight

The ability to jump to experiences that matter via tailored insights

Without integrating an SDK, our intelligence can be trained to seamlessly isolate experiences within the footage you wish to access within seconds.

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Prioritizes who to watch first

Focus on those that bring the most value, consume fewer people, find trends/issues faster & have the confidence to make decisions at pace.

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Identifys context not just sentiment

Our enterprise-grade intelligence identifies sentiment & automatically annotates critical moments with additional context to focus on what matters.

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How our Intelligence has impacted teams

  • Up to
    Faster when analysing content
  • Up to
    Increase in critical feedback consumed
  • Over
    Reduction in report writing time