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Save time & invest in the trends that matter

Testify AI ensures every second of feedback you consume is valuable

Intelligence Hero Testify AI V2

Over the last 6 years, our AI has been trained across

Thousands of People



Hours of feedback


Gaming Genres

It identifys context not just sentiment

Our enterprise-grade intelligence identifies sentiment & automatically annotates critical moments with additional context to focus on what matters.

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Provides an instant executive summary

Don't have time to watch all the videos? Our intelligence will carefully analyze every second of feedback and identify the main themes that emerge from all participants without requiring any effort on your part!

Intelligence Executive Summary

Prioritizes who to watch first

Focus on those that bring the most value, consume fewer people, find trends/issues faster & have the confidence to make decisions at pace.

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Cross-reference trends at pace

Scan each trend summary at a high level or narrow your focus with search & preset category filters.

Go Testify AI Trends

Deep dive into the related moments within seconds

For each trend, our intelligence will surface related moments that allow you to observe the player's behaviour without hunting through gameplay footage.

Go Testify AI Finding

Collaborate with your team

No need to create a fancy report that no one reads, conduct a findings meeting using the platform or share key moments directly with the team.

Go Testify AI Share V3

How our Intelligence has impacted teams

  • Up to
    Faster when analysing content
  • Up to
    Increase in critical feedback consumed
  • Over
    Reduction in report writing time