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Live Streaming

Watch any player session live in real time

Guide the player throughout their test or watch, learn and grow as a team.

Go Testify Livestreaming Hero

Share & motivate your teams

Distribute a share link out to your teammates to observe the live sessions, its guaranteed to energize everyone and keep the team laser focused on the task at hand. Building games players love!

Go Testify Livestreaming Motivate

Assist & interview players live

Use your internal video chat tools to hold 1-to-1 live interviews with any player whilst watching their live game stream on the Go Testify platform. Perfect for a deep dive into player behaviour on the spot.

Go Testify Livestreaming Interview v2

Observe People Playing Together

Watching the live steam provides teams with the ability to assist players having technical or game issues and closely observe their actions. Perfect for multiplayer testing or when security is a concern. 

Go Testify Livestreaming Mulitple Videos