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Wanting to validate their on a successful trajectory

Evaluating throughout development ensures your teams make meaningful decisions.

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Find a partner in success

Our role is to understand, build trust & support you to make meaningful decisions at pace.

As part of every subscription, our team will assist you every step of the way with a focus on building lasting relationships.

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Lower risk with strategic market validation & testing

With scale comes risk; however, regular strategic evaluation will ensure you're aligned with the market to succeed.

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Reach global audiences

Gain comprehensive insight from people in their natural surroundings, anytime, anywhere.

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Capture the truth

Validate your game worldwide, observe how people behave in their environment, & hear the truth from your market across PC, VR & Android platforms.


Watch how people see your game


Evaluate how people behave

Honest Feedback

Hear their raw emotions in real-time

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Take action at pace

Discover meaningful insight without having to sift through every second of footage. Find trends faster through automated intelligence, & report with confidence.

Our platform quickly identities who to watch first, so you can uncover critical patterns that will affect the entire gaming experience at pace.
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Utlise automated Intelliegence that analysis every second of feedback to provide you the context that matters.
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Without the need for and SDK, setup our intelliegnce to isolate critical player experiences and enable you acces areas of the game within seconds.
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Our studio clients have experienced

  • up to
    Reduction in stakeholder meetings
  • up to
    Increase in player satisfaction on release
  • up to
    Improvement on development turnaround time

Alter success for everyone

Alex King - Ripstone
"GoTestify provided us with quick and effective feedback on one of our upcoming titles. Their processes are easy to use and they communicated well throughout the project. They have great insight into the world of games, which shows in their reports that help us push our projects to the next level."
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Alex King
Senior Community Manager