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Smart Search

Save hours of sifting through video

Cross-reference all participants in seconds with our Smart Search feature

Build confidence fast

Search by text on the screen to get instant clips showing specific experiences across all players, this helps to build confidence at pace when preparing key findings to share with your team.

Go Testify Smart Search by Text

Easily stay in the flow

We know the importance of staying 'in the flow' as your reviewing player test sessions. Our Smart Search is seamlessly integrated into the video player, allowing you to get right back to exact moment and player where you left off.

Img Workflow

Assess all your UI/UX at pace

Game designers and developers can use Smart Search to assess the usability of the user interface or watch the user experience across all players in particular menus or game sections  e.g. settings, character customisation, profile.

Go Testify Smart Search UI UX

Jump to the experiences that matter

Game leads can watch the behaviour of every player at a certain point in the game to validate if they are creating those 'moments that matter' e.g. boss battles, reaching critical game sections or exploring key game mechanics.

Go Testify Smart Search Jump

Collaborate in real-time

It's common to want to dig deeper or answer a question that comes up after testing closes and reports are complete. 'How many players choose a that character?', 'How did players feel when defeated in the level-end boss battle?'. Using Smart Search, you can now retrospectively jump to those experiences as a team instantly.

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