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Smart Search

Validate assumptions & make confident decisions in minutes

With our industry leading Smart Search capabilities

Cross-reference related experiences with visual & transcript search

Without requiring any technical integration, choose the reference screenshot or keywords to search against, and our intelligence will retrieve related content across every player for you in seconds.

Go Testify Smart Search by Text

Instantly observe how people behave in real-time

Assess interactions or behaviours within particular menus or interfaces, QA a level design or watch how people engage with game features, characters, mechanics or critical gameplay milestones, such as mid or end-level boss battles. You decide what to zero in and evaluate.

Go Testify Smart Search UI UX

Surface pivotal moments, issues & enjoyment over time

It's common to want to dig deeper into every experience or answer a question that comes up after testing closes or UX reports are complete. 'How many players choose that character?', 'How did players feel when defeated in the level-end boss battle?'. Using Smart Search, you can now retrospectively jump to those experiences as a team instantly.

Go Testify Smart Search Jump

Collaborate & prioritse changes as a team with bookmarks

Save valuable time and effort by creating saved transcripts or visual searches that make it easy for you or your team to review together and share collective perspectives to make meaningful changes.

Go Testify Smart Search bookmark

Share critical feedback with anyone in seconds

Change the trajectory of your title by sharing those moments directly into the heart of development with a simple click.

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