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For Indies

Supporting you on your road to success

Every Indie wants the same outcome but the journey can take many paths.

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Our role is to understand, build trust & support you to make meaningful decisions at pace.

Tell us your objectives, and we'll recommend the best way to use our platform.

Make a game

people love & enjoy

Raise money

to fufil your creative vision

Build a studio

that has repeating success

You can recruit on a budget

Whether you wish to source your own participants or use Go Testify's recruitment network, our team will guide you on the best approach to maximise your budget.

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Capture the truth

Validate your game worldwide, observe how people behave in their environment, & hear the truth from your market across PC, VR & Android platforms.


Watch how people see your game


Evaluate how people behave

Honest Feedback

Hear their raw emotions in real-time

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Get access to AAA tools

Discover meaningful insight without having to sift through every second of footage. Find trends faster through automated intelligence, & report with confidence.

Our platform quickly identities who to watch first, so you can uncover critical patterns that will affect the entire gaming experience at pace.
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Utilise automated Intelliegence that analysis every second of feedback to provide you the context that matters.
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Without the need for and SDK, setup our intelliegnce to isolate critical player experiences and enable you acces areas of the game within seconds.
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Avail of free to strategic education

Every quarter our customer success team will give you the same level of time & assistance as a AAA studio or publisher to ensure you have the tools & knowledge to compete.

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Join our Indie programme & receive additional benefits

We were a Game studio first, and have designed an Indie programme to help new studios find their feet in the industry through strategic market validation & additional support. 

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How Indies have benefited from our partnership

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    Reduction in feature creep
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    Increase in investor meetings
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    Increase in publisher deals