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Partners in your success

Every plan includes ongoing support to help ensure your success.

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Tailored Onboarding to Get You Up-and-Running Smoothly
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Access to the customer success team
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Regular Strategy Reviews to Keep You on Track
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Live Chat Support to Help With Any Hiccups

A plan that scales to your needs

Whether exploring monthly or partnering annually.

Monthly Billing Annual Billing 10% Off

Set Monthly Fee

To access all testing capabilities (PC, Steam, iOS, Android, Oculus Quest)

Additional Hourly Usage

When not using the Go Testify recruitment network to source participants

Necessary Bolt-On(s)

To tailor the level of assistance you require to deliver impactful validation
  • 5 hrs of FREE uploaded recordings per month when testing within your organisation, or when recruiting your own participants*
  • Intelligent Annotations
  • Automated Transcription
  • Automated Recording Prioritization
  • A FREE 1hr Onboarding Call
  • Live Support
  • Uploading of additional recordings/sessions by people from your organization, community or 3rd party recrutiment provider
  • Recruited participants via the Go Testify network*
  • Tailored Recruitment Bundles
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Tailored Automated Insights
  • Tailored Security
  • Participant Journey QA
  • UX Analysis & Reporting
  • Priority Live Support
$180 /month
$2,160 /year
$22 /hour
(up to 50 hours)
* Unused recording upload allowance will accumulate every month; however, resets quarterly for monthly plans & annually for annual plans.
Additional consumption over your allocation will be added to your monthly bill or can be bundled as a part of your baseline subscription cost.
Additional bolt-on costs are added to your monthly bill or can be bundled as a part of your baseline subscription cost.

The choices are yours to tailor

Get more than your money’s worth

    Increase in revenue from live titles
  • Up to
    Reduction in games killed at soft launch
    Increase in staff retention

Alter success for everyone

"Releasing our latest SUPERHOT title was a tricky endeavour. Go Testify supported us out in two key areas. Their services really helped validate our player assumptions before we pulled the trigger and committed to a large launch. The additional playtesting and market validation also increased the team’s confidence before signing off on our marketing activities."
Client superhot
Alastair Hebson
Head of Business & Publishing, SUPERHOT