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Flexible for everyone

No lengthy commitments. No cumbersome credit system.
Enjoy straightforward, transparent pricing tailored to your development needs - pay as you need.

STUDIO more info

For teams wanting to explore Go Testify or capture player feedback to greenlight critical development milestones.

No card details required

This includes:

  • FREE 2 hrs (Worth $60) automated intelligence on sign-up to explore.
  • FREE 1hr Platform Onboarding Call
  • Use your Own Participants or the Go Testify Network
  • Automated Intelligence
  • Live Streaming of player sessions
  • No upfront commitment. Cancel anytime. Pay as you need.

ENTERPRISE more info

For studios or publishers seeking tailored assistance, validation across departments & repeatable frameworks for success.

This includes:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Priority Live Support
  • Tailored Master Service Agreements
  • Tailored Organisation Billing
  • Tailored NDAs for participants
  • Tailored Security
  • Tailored Test Set-up & Testing Frameworks
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Apply for the Go Testify Player First Indie Program for exclusive benefits

Recruiting Participants

Have your own vibrant community eager to provide insight OR need access to a network of millions of gamers for fresh eyes on your game. We have you covered.
Use Your Own Participants More Info
Recruit your own participants, share an invite link and let the Go Testify platform greatly streamline distribution and logisitics during the test. Watch live streams of sessions as they roll in, building team collaboration and empathy.

Charged on your monthly billing cycle based on minutes of recordings in that period.
Go Testify Recruitment More Info
from US$50
Gain immediate access to high quality feedback from our extensive network of millions of gamers. Leave all the participant management to us, and rest assured that you'll receive the feedback you truly deserve.

Charged upon test launch based on the number of participants and targeting you require.

Save Days of Analysis

Limited time and resources to review tests with hours of feeedback?
Our automated intelligence can do the heavy lifting, providing actionable insight on every second of your test feedback for you to dive into instantly.
Automated Intelligence More Info
Tired of sifting through hours of video? Every second of content is auto-analysed to gain critical actionable insight in minutes, not days or weeks.

Smart Search
Key Trends

Charged on your monthly billing cycle based on amount of recording content analysed in that period.
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View examples of test cost breakdowns and detailed billing information.

Get more than your money’s worth

    Increase in revenue from live titles
  • Up to
    Reduction in games killed at soft launch
    Increase in staff retention

Alter success for everyone

"Releasing our latest SUPERHOT title was a tricky endeavour. Go Testify supported us out in two key areas. Their services really helped validate our player assumptions before we pulled the trigger and committed to a large launch. The additional playtesting and market validation also increased the team’s confidence before signing off on our marketing activities."
Client superhot
Alastair Hebson
Head of Business & Publishing, SUPERHOT