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Our Ethos

Go Testify was founded on Human-centred design principles, and as a company, we believe that the audience takes centre stage. 

To make impactful decisions at pace, you need to:

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Understand your audiences pains & gains
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Have clear learning objectives at all times
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Conduct frequent research strategically
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Invest time to understand the WHY

Our Mission

Transform how companies observe their market at pace to ensure critical feedback influences every decision.

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do at Go Testify

Validate first

Trust your gut instincts but be customer led to ensure meaningful data drives long-term impact.

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Solve what matters

Understand customer pain & gains; however, read between the lines to exceed expectations.

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Don’t overcomplicate

No one likes to be confused. Ensure communication & what we build is easily understood, whether you're from the industry or not.

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Innovate at pace

Don’t strive for immediate perfection, but build fast & iterate with your market towards a transformative vision.

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Embrace vulnerability

Improving anything starts with the ability to listen actively to others. Understanding why we failed is vital to everything we do.

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Design for everyone

Always consider the person on the other end, their jobs & how we can empower people to succeed at pace.

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Trusted by global game studios & publishers

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