I conquered the Games Talk Live Road Tour November 2023

I recently attended the Games Talk Live Scotland Road Tour and my heartfelt thanks extend to Colin Macdonald and the entire Games Talk Live team for the extraordinary opportunity to not only attend but also contribute as a speaker in all three events last week.

Meeting fellow attendees provided a vast variety of perspectives, and the collective passion for gaming illuminated every conversation.

The event not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also as a nexus for building meaningful connections within the gaming community. The energy and enthusiasm for the gaming ecosystem was wholesome which each attendee and speaker trying to keep each other succeed.

    Here are some snippets from the events

    DCA venue setup
    Image 5
    Edi crowd
    Image 7
    Dundee drinks

    My Talk: Leveraging Market Feedback for Success

    My talk focused on how important it is to leverage your market feedback for Success.

    With the average game taking 2-3 years to develop and release, collided with 4000+ games released each day, it is becoming more difficult for games to success in a saturated ecosystem.

    Validating your game early and often will undoubtedly help you achieve success as explained in a short video clip from my talk.

    Key Takeaways from the events

    I was highly interested in all talks from the events, below are my three main takeaways!

    Elevate Your Game's Wishlist and Success via TikTok!

    Discover the game-changing impact of TikTok as a dynamic platform for propelling your game into the spotlight. As the realm of Game Influencers continues to expand, seize the opportunity to effortlessly boost your brand visibility and actively engage with the gaming community. Watch your Wishlist numbers soar and propel your game to unprecedented success with the powerful combination of TikTok's influence and your captivating content.

    VR's Game-Changing Role in Therapeutic Gaming

    VR's has a power to offer immersive therapeutic gaming experience within controlled environments for individuals to effectively confront and manage conditions like anxiety, phobias, and PTSD, utilizing innovative tools such as exposure therapy, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness experiences to enhance mental well-being in a gaming context.

    Game Validation Holds the Key to Success by ensuring Swift Player Engagement for Maximum Fun and Impact

    The struggle for indie titles to distinguish themselves intensifies as more games are released each day. Thus, elevating the significance of game validation becomes imperative to ensure players have an immediate connection with the essence of fun in the game.

    Thank you, Games Talk Live, for an unforgettable week of insights, connections, and shared passion for the world of gaming!

    If any attendees would like to connect with me to discuss working with us, or even if you'd like to catch up, reach out below!