Did you know we support Oculus Quest VR testing? Our technology can be used to capture in-game VR experiences and participant feedback, allowing you to review and make key decisions at pace!

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What to Expect from a VR Test

You might be thinking, "What kind of results should I expect?" or perhaps "What does this look like in practice?"

See the studies below for some examples, but in summary;

  • We capture everything the Participant sees in the headset.

    • The Participant casts to their PC screen.

    • This is captured via our recorder, Contribute, on their PC.

  • Contribute also captures verbal feedback provided by the Participant throughout their session.

VR Test Sample - Superhot VR

VR Case Study - Beatsaber VR

How Easy is it to set up?

Setting up a VR test is as easy as any other test with us; you'll set up a project on your profile and create a PC test with all the criteria you want!

See this article for more detail on how you can do this on our platform;

Getting Started with Go Testify


Setting the platform to PC allows the participant to record feedback using our app, Contribute.

Distribute to your own VR players

If you've got a community, they can easily participate in a test you set up with us with no fuss and provide feedback in an organized, accessible way!

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Our technology allows easy invitations across any community platform!

If you want to build a community or need some help with recruiting, we've got you covered!

We can run a recruit for you (from a general or targeted VR audience), or you'll find some great advice in our Recruiting 101 Playbook.

What should I Consider?

There are multiple factors you'll need to think about when running any test. For a VR test, these can include;

Do you need to whitelist participants?

During the test setup, will you need to collate player email addresses and add them to the whitelist for the game on your side?

  • This often is the case with VR tests especially; ensure you take this into consideration when scheduling your test!

    • The last thing you want to do is leave it to the last moment and potentially miss a deadline! Plan your test out and start preparation a few days earlier if necessary!

  • You could also have your game set to an Open Beta, which allows anyone to access it through the app store.

    • This eliminates the need for whitelisting. However, this is normally only used for Live games or games close to release.

If you have any concerns over security or your project isn't announced yet, Whitelisting is highly recommended.

Medical security
If you're unsure, Whitelisting is a process by which you permit something to happen under strict controls.
Usually used in the context of security (allowing specific apps to run, or access to a server), in this case, we're referring to allowing specific Meta email addresses to access your build!
This will enable you to be absolutely certain that only approved participants will be able to take part.

What will your participants need to get started?

  • They'll need to download our recorder, Contribute, to their PC.
    • They'll be shown how to do this when you invite them to the test!

  • They'll also need to cast their VR headset to their PC screen so that the recorder can capture the gameplay.
    • See the guide below for more information on how this works!

  • We have a Participant guide to setting up for VR - Feel free to review it for inspiration, restructure it in a way that works for you, or simply send it out directly!

Do you have specific tasks you need them to complete?

  • We recommend considering how you communicate these, as VR can be much more immersive than other formats, as you're most likely aware!

    • We suggest setting them up with a landing page or using our Special Instructions Feature to inform them before they start any gameplay.

    • Also, be aware of what they will do to prepare for the test (see the Participant guide above); they'll likely have much to remember!
  • Depending on your game, we suggest a recommended time within the headset to prevent motion sickness or other accessibility considerations.

    • Not everyone has the same tolerance, so be mindful of your audience!

Setting up a VR test is easy and will get the validation you need in an easily consumable format!

If you have any questions, would like to speak to someone, or would like to see a demo of our platform, reach out!

You can also contact our Support Team by;

Emailing Support@gmail.com

Clicking the Bubble in the bottom right of this page!

We'd love to chat with you to help you get started!