What is Parsec?

Parsec is a software platform designed to facilitate remote desktop collaboration and gaming. It allows users to stream and share their desktops or virtual machines over the internet, offering low latency performance for a wide range of applications.

Whether for collaborative work, multiplayer gaming, or remote access to software, Parsec enables users to harness the capabilities of their devices from any location, effectively promoting remote productivity and entertainment, all while providing an additional layer of Security, giving you peace of mind.

Playtesting with Parsec

You might already be familiar with what Parsec does, (if not, find out more here) and potentially use it already internally, but did you know it can also be used for playtesting with Testify?

It's quick, easy and gets you exactly what you need from a participant without having to worry about if their machine is up to the task of running your game!

Inviting Participants via Parsec Teams

Parsec has a few alternative ways to invite players to use remote machines. We recommend using Parsec Teams - Guest Access with test participants for benefits such as time limited access and multiple machine management via their dashboard.

Setup options

There are two main setup options for using parsec with participants, using a single remote machine for consecutive test sessions or using multiple machines which could be ran concurrently e.g. 1 remote machine per test participant.

Gamer Single

Using a Single Remote Machine

You can set Parsec up using one single machine, with your game build active for repeat testing from multiple participants accessing the same machine at different session times. The participant then accesses this remotely through an invite you send, plays the game, records their session, and then logs out. No downloading to their device, and no saving any game files unnecessarily.

Points to remember;

  • You can only have one participant test at any one time
  • If you are planning for multiple testers, ensure you wipe any in-game progress between testers.
  • If you're facilitating multiple testers, ensure you set up a sequence/schedule for when each should play.

Pros and Cons of Single Remote Machines

Simplicity: Setting up a single machine is straightforward and requires minimal coordination.Sequential Testing: Testing sessions need to be scheduled sequentially, which can be time-consuming if you have many participants.
No Progress Overlap: Each participant starts with a clean slate, eliminating the need to worry about overlapping progress between testers.Limited Parallel Testing: You can't have multiple participants testing simultaneously, potentially slowing down the overall testing process.
Cost-Effective: You only need one machine, which can be more budget-friendly, especially for smaller-scale testing.Manual Progress Wiping: Requires manual effort to wipe in-game progress between testers, adding to the administrative workload.
Gamer Lab

Using Multiple Remote Machines

You could also set up multiple machines running Parsec with your game build pre-installed.

The process for inviting your Participants would be similar, but ensure you invite them to the correct machine!


We suggest some form of tracker sheet here to keep yourself up to date.

Points to remember;

  • No need to worry about wiping progress between sessions
  • You can invite in one batch, and there isn't a need to worry about overlap in multiple-participant sessions.
  • This is great for multiplayer events - you can schedule everyone at the same time (simulating a formal lab-style test)

Pros and Cons of Multiple Remote Machines

Parallel Testing: Multiple participants can test simultaneously on different machines, allowing for quicker and more efficient testing.Complex Setup: Setting up and managing multiple machines can be more complex and may require additional resources.
Centralized Progress: No need to worry about wiping progress between sessions, as each machine operates independently.Potential Overhead: The cost of multiple machines and the associated infrastructure may be higher.
Efficient Scheduling: Ideal for multiplayer events or formal lab-style tests, as you can schedule everyone at the same time without overlap concerns.Requires Tracking: Keeping track of which participant is on which machine can be challenging, necessitating a tracking system.

Using Go Testify PC Recorder (Contribute)

Our PC recording app allows a participant to record their feedback and screen, which will stream live to our servers. There are a few ways you can set a participant up to allow for the best feedback with Parsec.

PC Recorder

Streaming from a Participant's Device

Typically a user downloads Contribute to their device, which then captures and streams their entire screen to our servers. This is the typical setup we would use for any given test.

  • This is especially good for security, as you capture everything that's happening on their screen, not just Parsec.
  • As the stream is from the participant's device, there should be no worries about delay or input confusion for microphone usage etc.

FAQS & Tips

When it comes to recording feedback and screen activity, for the best balance of security and convenience, we recommend streaming from a participant's local device.

This approach captures all the action on their screen, ensuring comprehensive feedback without any delay or input issues. It's also an excellent choice for security, as it captures everything happening on the participant's device.


Parsec and Go Testify have independent pricing structures for the use of their respective platforms.

Find out more about Parsec Pricing here.

Find out more about Go Testify Pricing here.

We also have an FAQ regarding our Pricing in our Help Center!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via the message bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or by emailing

We're here to help you make the most of Parsec and Testify for your playtesting needs!

To Sum Up..

Using Parsec with Go Testify provides an efficient and versatile solution for playtesting and collaborative work, offering a seamless experience for both developers and participants.

Whether you choose to set up a single remote machine or multiple machines, you have the flexibility to meet your specific testing needs.