Second Consecutive Year at PGC: My Experience

Embarking on my second consecutive year at the renowned Pocket Gamer Connect (PGC) conference in London was nothing short of thrilling!

It came with a buzz of creativity, innovation, and strategic gaming industry discussions, keeping me excited for the future of the gaming industry.

Engaging talks and inspiring meet & greets with phenomenal game studios filled my schedule and I am honoured to have met such an array of creative and passionate studios.

However, the thrill of PGC was only matched by the turbulence of my stormy flight back home!

Key Takeaways from the conference

One of my highlights of PGC was the chance to engage with game development studios of all sizes.

In conversations with game studios, it became evident that the gaming industry is undergoing significant shifts. Smaller teams are actively seeking new frameworks to enhance efficiency, particularly in the realm of playtesting. The need to streamline processes and optimize resources is paramount for these teams, and discussions revolved around the latest tools and methodologies to achieve these goals.

Below are my 3 key takeaways.

At Go Testify, our Player First Indie Program plays a pivotal role in setting indie studios up for success. By implementing strategic testing frameworks and educating on efficiency in testing approaches and game development, we aim to empower indie developers to embrace market validation and adopt this at every every game development stage.

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If any attendees would like to connect with me to discuss working with us, or even if you'd like to catch up, reach out below!