Where should we start?

Everyone and their dog at this point has likely heard about Tiktok in one way or another. The Social Media Platform constantly grows its audience base and popularity, pulling users from every interest and background. Tiktok currently has more than one billion users worldwide.

Tiktok books

What is the big deal with Tiktok?

TikTok has created its own world, with diverse subgroups for every niche and interest possible. #Booktok for example, is a huge subcategory of TikTok whose influence seems to know no bounds. The lead content creators on #Booktook are using the platform to make recommendations for different genres of books, and they have an astonishing amount of followers and a huge reach and impact as a result.

So much so that even huge retailers are taking advantage of “TikTok sensations”, with Waterstones in the UK and Barnes and Noble in the US setting up a “Tiktok Table” showcasing books that are currently trending or very popular on Tiktok.

In recent news, an author from New York who wrote a book ten years ago with poor sales has suddenly seen immediate fame. This is because his daughter created a Tiktok video advertising the book, which has since had nine million likes and forty million views. The book is also now sold out on Amazon US as a result and is the 7th most popular book in the US, showing not only the popularity and attention that Tiktok can create but that it can also achieve conversions.

How does that relate to mobile gaming?

Mobile games are increasingly popular, seeing year-on-year growth. Mobile games are estimated to see a revenue of 116.1 billion in the next year, which exceeds that of PC and Console estimations.

The Mobile Gaming Industry has seen similar success on Tiktok, demonstrating its strength as an advertising platform.

Recent reports have shown that half of all gamers use Tiktok and watch gaming-related Tiktok daily. These gamers are also highly engaged, with 82% of Tiktokers gaming at least once per week.

The most popular gaming Tiktoker @Gamelancer has five million followers and regularly posts short clips of insights into interesting or fun storylines or beautiful worlds in the games they play.


How engaged are mobile gamers on Tiktok?

40% of mobile gamers, in particular, use Tiktok. Reports from Tiktok and New Zoo show that 70% of mobile gamers are likely to talk about their games on social media. Not only this, but Tiktok users are actively using TikTok to seek out new games; 75% of gamers on TikTok seek out gaming content.

How are users doing this? Users tend to know the genre of game that they are interested in and use the TikTok search bar to find content related to the genre. For example, newly titled “Cosy games” are very popular on Tiktok, despite previously being seen as “Simulators” to those of us before the invention of Tiktok.

This is so popular that there is even an account called @Cozy.games that recommends cosy and relaxing games and has cultivated an audience of cosy or simulation fanatics seeking to find new titles.

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Mobile gamers are an attractive audience for marketers, mobile gamers who have Tiktok when compared to those who do not use Tiktok;

  • Have play sessions that are 36% longer

  • Install 50% more games

  • Are 40% more likely to make an in-game purchase

  • Are 50% more likely to recommend a game to others

How can mobile games take advantage of TikTok advertising?

Research has found that advertising for mobile games in particular can be a very lucrative avenue for publishers. 41% of Tiktok users will download a game following seeing an advertisement, and 26% of these will purchase or make a purchase in the game as well.

Publishers can take advantage of Tiktok and see benefits across the board, not just on the title they are promoting. Research from New Zoo shows that compared to other advertising platforms, brands are 40% more likely to be remembered on Tiktok.

How should I advertise on Tiktok?

Reports from New Zoo said TikTok gamers are eager to, and want to, see more gaming advertisements on Tiktok when they engage with it.

When it comes to creating your advertising, Tiktok gamers in particular, want to see content that teaches them about the characters, setting story, and objectives in the game.

The power of Tiktok for any market can clearly not be overlooked. But it seems particular for Mobile Games, Tiktok has struck gold; not just for cute dogs or dancing reels, Tiktok can be a reel asset (pun intended)