My first time at PGC London was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The event space is a fantastic area that is well-arranged. It had three key meeting areas; however, the main space was two floors, the upstairs being primarily used for one-to-one meeting spaces/tables to connect.

There was a fantastic little restaurant close by outside the venue called Côte Barbican; I can confirm it was the best ham and cheese Toastie I have had 😀


The emergence of MENA in the games space

  1. It was stated that in 2016 the MENA games space had 3.2 billion dollars worth of investment to assist Game Studios within the region, becoming a force to be reckoned with. We are now 6/7 years on from this and are now seeing the fruits of the labour with the creation of some potential future giants within the industry, such as Sandsoft Publishing

Metaverse, is it here?

  1. With tech giant Facebook recently rebranding to Meta, more eyes are on the metaverse now than ever before. There was a heavy focus at PGC on the metaverse, and it seems there are a lot of game studios trying to be the preverbal early bird in this space! Will we see this come to fruition?

The success of BeatStar

  1. Great to see the UK-based company Space Ape Games in attendance and in particular, Simon Hade (co-founder). His talk to a crowded room was a joy to behold, as many onlookers were wowed by what he had to say! How do they create this repeated success across their portfolio? Only he knows this answer, but everyone wants to follow suit!